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"Kay is a beautiful rider and trainer, and has a wealth of knowledge. She is professional and knowledgeable".

Diana Waters

"Home again after a wonderful couple of days immersed in the intricacies of long reining under the eyes of the very talented Kay Brown.


From very first introduction of the young horse to lines through to collection & lateral work with the advanced horse. I have had a number of 'lightbulb moments' & I can't begin to thank Heather's horses & the legendary Monty for their patience.

For anyone interested in working horses from the ground & those preparing horses for ridden work, this course is invaluable & I highly recommend looking out for planned future dates".

Jennie Jordan (two day long reining course)

"Kay is a wonderful knowledgeable lady, who guides, encourages and educates in such a way you never feel discouraged and sets you in the right direction. Been an absolute pleasure working alongside Kay for the last 3 months, picking her brains constantly and never made me feel like the questions I asked where stupid. Wish I was situated nearer for regular lessons in the future".

Paige Hazell

"Calmly superbly competently talented".

Elaine Durgan

"Fantastic lady Kay Brown, you have helped not only myself, but my horses have benefited greatly from your help every time,  big thank you, hope we can keep working together in the future x".

Kim Northcott

"Training with Kay is a pleasurable experience for horse and pupil. 


She is very professional, with a total dedication to the horse.  I have trained with her for over a year and I can truly see that she has made a significant change in my posture and ability. My 23 year old horse is light in the hand, balanced and in true self carriage.  We are working on movements that I never thought I would be able to do with him.  


Kay is not a quick fix trainer, of course she can help you get extra points in prepping for a dressage test, but if you stick with her you will get long term brilliant results – I promise!"


Emma and Bertie

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