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About Kay Sparrow

Kay is a classically trained Enlightened Equitation Teacher (EET) - Level 4, former Yard Manager & Assistant Trainer to Heather Moffett (founder of Enlightened Equitation) with a wealth of background knowledge & experience spanning 35 years (see below).

Kay has had a lifelong passion for horses, and began riding at the age of eight at her local riding school. After spending three years abroad with her family, Kay began riding more seriously at the age of fourteen. Although she didn't have her own pony as a child, she  was a member of the Pony Club as a teenager, and competed on various teams, riding horses from the riding school where she was a Working Pupil.  Upon leaving school she embarked on a career with horses, working mainly on eventing & dressage yards.


She soon realised that training horses was her real passion, learning the key to unlock each horse’s potential through gentle, systematic training.

Kay has included in her own training, the methods used by Monty Roberts, as taught by Kelly Marks & Intelligent Horsemanship, & spent 15 years specialising in helping horses with ‘problems’, including 4 years with her own yard in Suffolk.

Kay has always had a strong interest in Classical riding, & has long admired the effortless grace with which horse & rider achieve even the most advanced movements.

More recently (2011 to 2018), Kay has had the pleasure of working alongside Heather Moffett (founder of Enlightened Equitation) as Yard Manager & Assistant Trainer. In that time Kay has ridden & helped train not only Heather’s beautiful Iberian horses, but many visiting horses too, realising that (French) Classical training is extremely beneficial for more ‘ordinary’ equines & not just those bred for dressage.  


Kay attained her Level 4 Enlightened Equitation Teachers Certificate during her time at Heather's, and is one of only 4 people to hold this accreditation.

During her years of specialising in remedial training, Kay made extensive use of the long reins. Initially long reining IH manner, but gradually including her own ideas to assist horses in their education and in recent years Kay has added a more Classical style to her technique to achieve what she has today.

In 2018 Kay moved on from Heather's, and returned to freelance teaching & training, bringing her many years of experience together to help you achieve what you may have only dreamed of.


Kay is available for lessons, schooling, clinics, demonstrations, courses & saddle fitting (HM Saddles qualified fitter).


If you feel this may be the way forward for you, please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat,


Kind Regards,


My Philosophy is to train for longevity whilst giving you- the rider - the tools for the job. 


Progressive, gymnastic training is the key to a long, happy & healthy working life, whatever your chosen discipline. 

Honing the rider's position, aids & balance will bring a heightened perception to your horsemanship.

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